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All projects large and small.  My team can handle all the elements of shooting your film from pre-production meetings and organization all the way through your on set requirements of cinematography, sound recording and Lighting.

Post-Productions Services


Once we've captured your creative project, we're able to take care of all of your post production needs.  We can edit your film, do the sound design (including ADR), add music, graphics, special effects and do basic colorization.  All in house!

Self Tapes


Casting Directors are reaching across the country to fill roles these days. Send them an audition they're proud to pass on to the directors.  Click here for examples and more information.

Actor Headshots


Actors must keep their look current and fresh.  This means professional head shots taken annually so casting directors have an accurate representation of how their actors currently look.  Our head shot sessions are VERY reasonably priced!  Click here for examples and more information.

Noon Time Legends - Feature Documentary - Paul Ingles

Montessori ONE promo

Transatlantic Solo Show - Catherine Fridey

REASONS - Theatrical Film - Ruben Muller

Besties - Stephen Burhoe/Diva's Perfect Productions

Heaven On Earth? - Short - Stephen Burhoe/Diva's Perfect Productions

The Awakeover - Diva's Perfect Productions

Get Tony Scarboni - Short Film - Spike Michaels

A Soldier's Passage - Feature Film - Paul Ingles

Fortress Home - Short Film

Diva's Perfect Posse - Web Series

NM Philharmonic

Bosque High School Winterim

Indian Motorcycles of Albuquerque

Bosque High School Film Class Short

PRN Pharmacal - Industrial for PROIN, CranMate & CitraVet

Funny Bone Series - Royd McCargish

Weeds In Our Own Backyards - Short Film

Rebellion - Short - Stephen Burhoe

Blackmail - Short - Stephen Burhoe, Christina Gopal

Clariant Pharmaceuticals - Industrial




Tim Nenninger

Tim Nenninger is a filmmaker/editor and the owner of Timbojo Productions. Tim got his start as a photographer in college, where he received a minor in photography.  After college, Tim traveled many parts the world as an active travel guide where he was able to hone his skills as a still photographer. Along side of photography, Tim had worked and performed as a singer/songwriter for 20 years. As a published musician he honed his audio skills through years of recording music and producing the nationally syndicated radio show Art of the Song Creativity Radio. In 2008, Tim moved back to Albuquerque to get involved in the NM film industry. Using his experience in audio and photography, Tim established Timbojo Productions in 2009.  Timbojo Productions is an award winning, boutique production company that focuses on all aspects of film making from production through post production, including cinematography and sound recording, audio and video editing, sound mixing and design, ADR and foley.


In the past 5 years Timbojo Productions has shot and edited 20+ short films, 1 feature film, 1 feature length documentary, 40+ Production Reel Demo Scenes, 60+ web series episodes, industrials for clients such as the NM Philharmonic and Indian Motorcycles, created audio/visual cues for multiple theatrical performances, and composed/engineered/mixed and mastered songs and scores for local films.





304 Washington ST SE, Albuquerque, N.M.  87108

Phone: 505-620-8832

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